Pirates and the Magical Map
Flashback Productions, 2014 – Blue Team


Photo by Britt Dietz – www.momentscapture.com.

Flashback is an annual show produced by diverse groups of cast members from throughout the Disneyland® Resort to raise money for the benefit of a local charity. The cast members are split into four teams, each producing a 20-min musical based on a central theme.

I was very proud to be a part of the Blue Team for the second year in a row. Our production, Pirates and the Magical Map, took first place in each award category both nights – Best Vocals, Best Choreography, Best Characterization, and Best Overall Show Quality – making it the winning overall production for 2014.


Photo by Britt Dietz – www.momentscapture.com.

In addition to dancing (see above photo, left) and playing a bit of ukulele, I stepped into the roles of prop master and set director for my team as well. This included doing a lot of shopping, altering, and collaborating with my directors, and even some props I made completely from scratch.

Below are some photos of props from Pirates and the Magical Map created by me!

The 2014 theme was “Cruisin’ with Flashback,” in which each team created a show based on the name of one of the four Disney cruise liners. As the 16th annual Flashback production, it broke all records. Over 400 cast members participated, and the 2,000-seat Hyperion theatre was sold out for both nights a week before the show’s opening.

Pirates and the Magical Map was focused around Captain Howard Sparrow – brother of Jack – and his quest to seek the Cup of Life, following the directions of a magical map and the wizard inside it. Along the way, he runs into his ex-girlfriend, the red-headed and fiesty Victoria, battles his nemesis crew led by Captain Barbossa, and escapes from evil mermaids who guard the treasure. Not to mention a few catchy dance numbers along the way.

Here are some photos from the show. Photos by Britt Dietz – www.momentscapture.com.