2014-06-28 16.25.58-2Welcome to my creative portfolio! My name is Jessica Reynolds, and I’ve had a fascination with props ever since I was very young, watching my favorite movies and wishing I could hold a piece of the magic from those worlds in my own hands.

As a result, I began to create prop replicas. I’d freeze-frame the movie and research photos online to include as much detail and accuracy as possible. What began as a little girl tinkering with some clay, paper towel tubes, and other scraps of junk from around the house has since grown to a collection of over 200 props and costume pieces from film, television, theatre, and more – as well as some original designs.

I additionally have gained over a decade of experience as a freelance graphic designer, including work on slides, business cards, posters, CD covers, logos, and websites. Most recently, I have gained skills as an editor and creative producer for online music videos and commercials.

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